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Under the literal meaning of the phrase “No waste”, ‘LETERN Sin Desperdicio’ was born, the new project by Ricard Camarena and for which we developed the concept, naming and packaging.

How we arrived at the concept and naming: No waste

“No waste” is a phrase that has a literal meaning, stating that everything is used and, in addition, refers to the colloquial, being used to describe objects or experiences in which all of them are “worth it”. Thus, “No waste” is the concept that accompanies the new line of products from the Valencian chef under the umbrella of his own brand LETERN, also developed from Brandsummit.

These are new products that “are born from the desire that there be no waste,” says Ricard Camarena. ‘LETERN Without waste’ encompasses all those recreations that the chef prepares, always under his promise of value, which is to make the most of the ingredients of his kitchen, while offering an experience that will not leave anyone indifferent.

LETERN Sin desperdicio
LETERN Sin desperdicio
LETERN Sin desperdicio
LETERN Sin desperdicio
LETERN Sin desperdicio

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