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Packaging development for El Paeller

The concept was clear: eat paella cooked over wood at home and in just 18 minutes. This is how El Paeller came to us, with the master Rafa Margós at the stove, he had created the first preparation with all the ingredients to make wood-fired rice at home and in 18 minutes.

With an existing identity and name, at Brandsummit we provide depth to the brand’s branding. We created a range of graphic identity resources with elements inspired by paella, firewood and fire, in addition to the design of illustrations present in the packaging, labels to close the product and a selection of secondary fonts.

Thus, through the design we gave life to three paella preparations: Valencian paella, seafood paella and vegetable paella. A packaging capable of providing the diner with the necessary information so that in their hands they have everything they need to cook an authentic wood-fired paella anywhere.

The pack is made up of the box, the can that contains the broth with all the flavor and aromas, product of the stir-fry made with a wood fire, accompanied by its little bag of rice, variety J. Sendra DO Arroz de Valencia. A unique and simple gastronomic experience, to cook at home, following the roadmap that accompanies the product.

An in-depth branding process for El Paeller, commissioned by the Valencian agency La Mujer del Presidente, which we finished with the design of a functional and aesthetic container in three variants: Paella Valenciana, Paella de Verduras and Arroz del Señoret.

Photographs: The Paeller

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