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Chef Dani Grau

Sit at the table with Dani Grau. This is how the process of brand strategy, graphic identity and communication began to take shape, which we developed for the Spanish (from Sueca, Valencia) chef Dani Grau.
Join, gather, invite, captivate, fascinate… are some of the emotional benefits of Dani Grau’s brand, which are present in the development of his brand.
For his visual identity, the G is the main feature: Sit at the table with Dani Grau. Earthy and warm colors support the brand too. The brand is also covered by the law of universal gravitation, the force of attraction, which we managed to capture in all the visual elements, an attraction which a chef like Dani achieves on his diners. 
The whole revolves around music, especially blues and jazz, the two musical genres that Dani Grau loves.
Invite and captivate the diner to make him feel at home, as we have reflected throughout his graphic universe, where details remain very present in every corner of his kitchen.

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