We carry out the packaging design of food and drink products, developing personalized containers and unique formats. We always do it according to the needs of the brand, responding to the strategy and branding previously defined.

We take care of the entire packaging process, from structural development to graphic design, including the selection of materials and suppliers. We collaborate with suppliers and printers from all areas of packaging to be updated and in constant training, we visit specific packaging fairs. We are specialists in materials, prepress and packaging designs. One of our main advantages is the knowledge of the different printing systems, we know how to optimize the cost of each material, how to increase value without increasing cost, how to reduce waste, how to work with different models of the same product without increasing cost and many more details. very important to develop packaging for food and drink. We know how to optimize and tie ourselves to a unit product cost, designing within real possibilities.

In the same way that we know all types of materials, seeking optimization, differentiation or sustainability, according to each type of project. And we are always discovering new materials, thanks to the collaboration with our suppliers.

At Brandsummit we look for strategic and creative packaging, tailor-made, so that the brand achieves its objective: to attract customers and be the main communication window for the consumer. We know that a good packaging design has the ability to highlight the product from the competition, increase its sales and convey the values and essence of the brand.

We have two ways to develop packaging: Developing the product, that is, creating something totally unique and from scratch. Or adapting the branding graphics to existing elements. According to the ambition, strategy and cost of the available product.