Branding is the strategic, verbal, and graphic process of creating a distinctive and coherent identity for a brand, including tangible and intangible elements such as name, logo, voice and tone, personality, values, and brand territory. . The objective of branding is to build an emotional relationship and trust between the brand and its audience, so that it is recognized and preferentially chosen in its category.

Thus, the positioning of a brand is a key factor for the business, because it defines how the market is perceived in comparison with its competitors. From Brandsummit we carry out this entire consulting process to define the brand concept and outline its strategies. We create a decision-making framework at a strategic level that will help us define the brand at all contact points, with coherence and congruence. We seek to make the brand remembered in a competitive market, have the ability to attract and retain loyal customers, and establish a solid foundation for long-term growth. Therefore, the strategic and creative branding process is crucial to the success of a brand and its ability to compete.

At Brandsummit we have our own methodology, worked on and in constant evolution since 2014. A whole engineering process applied to a creative company. That allows us to meet the deadlines with which we commit and control the entire brand building process.