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Red wine label design: Clotàs 2015

Red wine label design by Brandsummit:

Diseño etiqueta de vino tinto

Like a stellar explosion, exceptional and dazzling, it was the 2015 vintage of Bodega Flors. A harvest year that yielded a grape for an unrepeatable, limited but exquisite wine, which deserved a packaging to match its standards and which we designed at Brandsummit.

The answer was clear: 2015 was his name, 2015 was the year of light. His identity deserved to appropriate one of the brightest moments in the universe, that of a supernova, contrasting the simplicity of the graphic proposal with the complexity of its finishes.

Red wine label design: an explosion of the universe

Diseño etiqueta de vino tinto
Diseño etiqueta de vino tinto
Diseño etiqueta de vino tinto
Diseño etiqueta de vino tinto

This wine is a very special edition and limited production that is launched as a tribute to the first vintage of Bodega Flors wines that we make in our own and old winery in Les Useres, after having carried out a thorough reform and rehabilitation to adapt it to the times. current but without losing an iota of its essence.

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