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Pops’ n Bops ice cream parlour

A new brand where there is no room for conformists, for those who seek the same old thing, for those who get caught up in the routine. This is the Pops ‘n Bops ice cream parlour, our integral project of strategy, positioning, naming, graphic and verbal identity.

“We move at your pace” is the slogan we created for Pops ‘n Bops, a brand that shows complicity and adapts to trends and the cities where it will grow, something that we had very much in mind in the development of its identity. Rhythm and movement become the discursive axis of each element of the brand, hand in hand with sweet and fresh colours, which take us to a very pastry dimension. Thus, in Pops ‘n Bops the consumer discovers a new way of eating artisan and natural ice cream from the hand of two“ iconic characters ”: the POPS, popsicle-style ice creams based on cream and sorbets and the BOP, the classic tubs.

Every corner of its physical space invites you to stay, a 100% instagrammable space. A design with trends from the 80s, an interior design that we developed in collaboration with Huuun.

Attitude, this is the key to the success of Pops’ n Bops. Say yes!

The project was featured among the The Best Ice Cream Packaging Design on DesignRush.