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This packaging project, for a honey producing company called Naturval, seeks to give order and allow an easier identification of each one of its family products: Classic, Cruda, Bio, Destinos, Manuka and Plus, by independent designs that refresh the brand’s image.
The first change was to give depth to its visual identity, retaining the original logo, by request of the customer, but migrating from the pretty much seen (in the sector) mustard colour to a blue one.
Next step was to work on each family design, provide self-details in each case such as customized lettering, stamping and personalized dies.
Finally, all packaging was adapted, simplifying the original designs, making available to make the impression “in house” by the client. A decision that allowed to lower the costs and challenge us to work with flexibility.

This project was featured as one of The Best Honey Packaging Designs on DesignRush.

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